Frequently Asked Questions about Computer-Navigated Knee Replacement:

What is Computer-Navigated Knee Replacement?

Computer navigated knee replacement is the latest technology in total knee replacement. Joint replacement is the last step in treatment for severe arthritis. When a joint replacement surgery is performed, it is crucial that the implant is properly positioned. Computer-Navigated Knee Replacement uses computer navigation to properly position the implant. The computer guides your surgeon to properly position the implant, allowing the surgery to be done with more precision, giving you better outcome than the old fashioned total knee replacement.

Why is positioning of the implant so important?

Although you may not realize it, positioning the implant is critical in any joint replacement surgery. Improperly positioned implant can lead to:
  • Early wear
  • Loosening of the joint replacement
  • Pain and discomfort
Like the alignment of the wheels on your car, improper positioning of the implant can cause poor performance in you knee.

What are the benefits of the Computer-Navigated Knee Replacement?

The benefits of this new improved method of knee replacement, are:
  • Surgery with more precision
  • Perfect alignment and balance of the knee joint
  • Quicker recover
  • Better outcome
How do I know if I am a candidate for Computer-Navigated Knee Replacement?

It is best to schedule an appointment to discuss options that are best for you. Depending on the type of conditions you have, our office will choose the care that best fits your need.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, call (301) 860-1900 (

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