In the early recovery period, physical therapy to regain hand and elbow range of motion can begin immediately. Labral tears that require only debridement are allowed early range of motion and physical therapy to prevent stiffness.
  • Sutures are removed seven to ten days after surgery and showering can resume.
  • Shoulder range of motion exercises after a biceps repair begin approximately six weeks after surgery, when the healing process is complete.
Physical therapy concentrates on treating factors that may have caused the labral injury, such as poor throwing mechanics. The patient's strength and rotator cuff health can be maximized with therapy, which helps the shoulder recover from what may have been a long period of inactivity due to pain.

Labral injuries that involve repair or tenodesis of the biceps tendon require a period of immobilization to allow the tendon to heal back to bone. After approximately four weeks of sling immobilization, physical therapy may begin.

Overhead athletes with SLAP repairs can expect a substantial delay before they can resume throwing. It usually takes about six months for the patient to regain full endurance and throwing velocity.

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