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The Spine & Joint Center-Bowie Health Campus has a comprehensive physical therapy program which focuses on patient education to prevent re-injury. A range of physical and occupational therapy services is available to meet the needs of each individual, from the geriatric patient to the injured worker. Specialized services are available for the hip, knee, spine, shoulder, hand, elbow, foot or ankle.

Exceptional Care from Experienced Professionals

The Spine & Joint Center's physical therapy team has the most advanced training in physical medicine and rehabilitation. This multidisciplinary group works together with each patient to achieve one common goal-to bring about the most effective healing while helping the patient avoid repeat injury.

Each patient relationship begins with a thorough evaluation. Then, our physical therapy team carefully considers the needs, lifestyle and comfort level of each patient as they determine the best course of rehabilitative therapy. The therapy plan may include strengthening exercises, balance and coordination training, progressive resistance exercises or cardiovascular-aerobic conditioning. A wide array of equipment, including weight machines, treadmills and steppers also help to provide the best environment for regaining optimal functioning.

The Spine & Joint Center professionals believe that it's important for patients to understand their injury and what it takes to get healthy and stay healthy. That's why personal instruction and one-on-one dialog with the patient is a major part of the physical therapy process.

State-of-the-Art Treatments for the Most Successful Outcome

When traditional therapies alone are not effective, or when physical therapy also requires an intensive pain management program, The Spine & Joint Center has a range of innovative options to complement the treatment plan. These options include such procedures as acupuncture and intradiscal electrothermal therapy (IDET). IDET is one of the latest methods to treat spine disc problems. This outpatient procedure toughens and desensitizes painful discs and is done right in our offices.

The Spine & Joint Center also offers other advanced services such as aquatic therapy and work hardening. Aquatic therapy, which is performed in a heated pool of water, is very beneficial to patients with upper and lower extremity injuries as well as spine conditions. It protects the joints during exercise, provides the body with additional support and relieves physical stress. Aquatic therapy can also increase circulation, improve strength and endurance, increase muscle tone and increase flexibility for a faster total recovery. The purpose of work hardening is to help an injured patient to return to work as quickly as possible. Work hardening incorporates physical conditioning, work simulation and education to build strength, endurance and improve functioning while helping to prevent re-injury.

For more information about our Physical Therapy Program or other services at The Spine & Joint Center, call (301) 446-1634.

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