Spine Services

Intense pain, persistent numbness or weakness in the legs or arms may indicate a serious spinal condition such as spinal stenosis or sciatica. The Spine & Joint Center provides a comprehensive, interdisciplinary program dedicated to the diagnosis, evaluation, treatment, rehabilitation and education of patients with acute and chronic spine problems.

Our goal is to help patients return to an active lifestyle and to restore function. We offer diagnostic testing onsite including x-rays and EMG (electromyogram) testing which helps diagnose nerve damage or muscle problems.

Since the majority of spine problems do not require surgery, we emphasize non-operative treatment, such as medication and therapy. The Spine & Joint Center uses some of the most progressive approaches in spine care. For instance, we offer one of the latest methods to treat patients with disc problems-intradiscal electrothermal therapy (IDET)-which toughens and desensitizes painful discs. This pain management procedure is done right in our offices.

Surgery is considered carefully as the last option. When surgery is indicated, our fellowship- trained spine surgeons evaluate and treat patients with the most advanced technology for the best outcomes. For example, we use microsurgical techniques in the treatment of disc herniations. Since only a small incision is required, this technique allows for more accurate surgeries and faster recoveries. Patients can even be discharged on the day of surgery.

Finally we stress patient education throughout the spine care process, not only as a means of preventing future injury but also to allow the patient to fully participate in all decisions involving their care. We believe that patients should have ultimate control over and responsibility for their own treatment and recovery.

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